Choir and Music


In the early 1980’s Les O’Connor and Rudy Dixon invited church member to form a choir to sing for the Christmas Concert. Everyone enjoyed the experience and decided to meet on a regular basis. The Choir was reborn and today it is composed of a variety of ethnicities — all of whom are vocally talented members.

These dedicated members meet weekly late Saturday afternoon to hone their skills. They also perform every third Sabbath of each month. In addition to weekly practices and monthly performances, they also stage two annual concerts — one in the spring, honouring Christ’s sacrifice and another in the fall, remembering Jesus’ first advent.

On top of all this, they occasionally participate in events and services at other churches and offer special programmes for the community.


25th AnniversaryVal O’Connor, born in Jamaica, is the Director of the Westminster Seventh-day Adventist Church Choir. She is a teacher – librarian by profession and she first joined the choir as a member in the early 1980’s. In 1987, O’Connor became the director of the Westminster Choir.


  • The Distraction Dilemma Series --

    The mission of Shepherd’s Call ministry is to spread the beautiful message of the gospel to the world through music and the spoken word. They know that time on this earth is short, and millions are perishing without hope. As Christians, we are called to share the beautiful truths we know and to offer the joy of salvation to all who are willing to receive it.

    The Distraction Dilemma music seminar with Christian Berdahl exposes the traps and methods of Satan in an easy to understand, common sense series using the Bible, science and even the music industry itself!

  • The Christian & Rock Music by Samuale Bacchiocchi

    The Christian & Rock MusicA generation ago there was almost universal agreement that rock music, in whatever version, was inappropriate for church worship and evangelism. Today "Christian" rock is fast replacing traditional music and instruments across denominational churches. In many churches today "praise bands" have replaced the choir, the projection of overheads has replaced the hymn books, synthesizers have replaced organs, and drums and guitars have taken their place in the repertoire of church music instrumentation. Some people see these changes as a divine blessing, others as a satanic curse. There seems to be no neutrality on this issue. People are getting very hot under the collar as they defend their particular position. Often the arguments generate more heat than light, reflecting personal taste or culture rather than a grasp of the biblical principles of music. In The Christian and Rock Music: A Study of Biblical Principles of Music, seven scholars of six different nationalities take a calm, balanced, and biblical look at the use of popular music for worship and evangelism.

  • Notes On Music by Carol Torres, Louis Torres Notes On Music

    This brief survey of the elements and eschatology of music by Carol A. Torres and Louis R. Torres brings the unique perspectives of Louis, a former rock musician with Bill Haley and the Comets, and Carol, a former concert violinist.


    1. Rock and Its Role
    2. Rhythm Rules
    3. Gospel on the Rocks
    4. The Big Question
    5. Rocking the Boat

    Appendix: Elements of Music